Writing! What can be said about it? Are there enough words out there to describe the feeling?

I wrote the ”beginning” of a series when I was 14. I was clueless on how to proceed, lacking the ability to take it further and somehow, in the back of my mind, I always knew one day, I'd publish this book!

At the tender age of 7, I visited a castle in my mom's home town in Italy. The ever lasting impression that had plagued me then, and still does to this day, had compelled me to start writing in my teens.

I fell in love with knights, history, fictional characters I gave life to, and a story line so descriptive and tantalizing, that I knew I had to give the world this story.

In my later years, that story was lost due to moving from home to home, but the basic story line had always stuck with me in the back of my mind, like riding a bicycle for the first time and letting that hobby go for some time, then taking it up again, although (rusty) we still never forget, as it slowly comes back to us.

Many years later, after watching series, documentaries, history channels and their shows, an idea so brave and scary came to mind!

I thought, well, ” it's time to bring your story back, Lory!” and make it count.

I'm now, 38 years old, sitting at the breakfast table, three years ago this March, and that's when I started re-writing ”A quest for the four keys in Wonderland“. An immense story line grew from there because two other books were produced afterwards of the ”Wonderland Series”.

The abundance in creativity was flooding my brain, my thoughts, everything I did, said, spoke of, was in regards to my story. I was becoming addicted, it consumed me, as I woke up nights to jot things down so I wouldn't forget some crucial story lines the next day when I went downstairs to write.

You could say I had a “calling” of some sort, was it God's way of guiding me to what I was really meant to be? Who knows, I just knew the creative side needed to be unleashed , and after many years of ignoring my talent, I think the main ”Aqueduct” finally blew up and flooded my world!

I'm grateful for all that's come my way in regards to this series I've produced, for many, it doesn't happen this way, and it's a permanent thing for me now, as I have many more series and books to come.

I hope this will inspire other writers and the message is clear here ”NEVER” ignore your talents, and this is how I wrote my books!

Lory La Selva Paduano

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Radu Balas

Radu is the Founder of Publishing Addict and author of "Sell More Books Using Your Author Website | The Easiest Way To Brand, Build, Market, and Manage Your Authorship" Soon available on Amazon.