The Surprising reading habits of Millenials

Comedian Brad Upton joked about Millennials being the dumbest people he ever met. Why? They consume energy drinks, which they don’t need, use a debit card for a dollar and forty cents purchase, and don’t even memorize phone numbers. I beg to differ. I forgive him though, he’s a really funny man. Contradictory to this stereotype, Millennials are smarter because they read more - it’s just that how they read is different from what older generations did. In fact, new research shows that Millennials read more than their [...]

The Flat Tire

My stories, believe it or not, mostly come from my dreams. Well, possibly in part or as part of the germination. Usually, two or more ideas come together to form a story. I was attending some creative writing courses years ago in New Orleans, when one of my creative writing teachers told all of us that if we're short on ideas for a story, to turn to everyday items and occurrences as a base for a story. Well, it just so happened I needed a new story. I [...]

How to Self-Promote When You’re So Shy You’d Rather Chew Off Your Own Arm Than Talk to Strangers

You wrote your book!  You went through several rounds of editing, got it workshopped by fellow writers, polished your novel into its best possible shape, and self-published. Now you just have to get the word out. Let’s go on this adventure together. 1Get business cards. Vistaprint is great for that.   It automatically gives you legitimacy, and you don't really have to work at it.  Go to places you frequent.  Give your favorite waiter a card and a generous tip. Ask if you're allowed to, then leave a stack [...]

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Have you ever found yourself staring at the clock while painfully trying to type a single paragraph for a writing project? Or do you lay awake in bed watching the clock knowing that a writing project is due by 5pm the next day? Many writers are challenged by “analysis paralysis” and fret over every detail of their work until they are reduced to a page of few sentences and a mind over-loaded with thoughts and worries. In order to help my future authors overcome writer’s block, I have [...]

Before you go

On December 6, 2013 my sister Janet Katic, Cousin JeanMarie Jacob and I were fortunate enough and had the honor to be at the dedication of the long overdue World War II Memorial for all the veterans who gave their lives during the war, after the war, and to those who are still with us. The memorial was the dream of the Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Organization. Through the sale of calendars over a number of years, corporate donations and public donations they obtained the necessary funds [...]

7th Moon: an Homage to Anime

I love anime, but I can't draw so that left me with writing, after all every story has to start somewhere. This particualr idea started with a single character that I tried in a number of different stories, but nothing big ever really happened, or at least nothign at all original. Then one day I was watching Toonami and the "Pardon Our Dust" promo came on. More action was packed into that one minute promo than entire episodes of the shows it was promoting. I decided to make [...]

Tips for Fellow Writers from My Experience – by Tom Ufert

First off, I am deeply honored and incredibly humbled by the opportunity to share my personal thoughts and perspectives here at E-books India. To be perfectly honest and transparent, it was my outreach and offers to submit an article that originally opened the door to this incredible possibility. That brings into sharp focus my first piece of experienced advice—writers today must be pro-active and assertive. With the global expansion of internet technology and a plethora of social media platforms, writing and self-publishing has become somewhat commonplace. Anyone and [...]

How I wrote my book “TRIANGLES”

A number of years ago, I wrote an ebook entitled TRIANGLES. It chronicles the battle of wills between a husband and wife pitted in a long-standing disagreement over the issue of having children and the wife's alcoholism. The husband, Burt, is a shady character with very little conscience. His wife, Alison, has a major inferiority complex and very low self esteem. Burt is engaged in an affair with a coworker, Jackie, whom also has emotional issues to deal with. Although Burt treats Jackie badly and uses her as [...]

The Hardest Revision

The hardest revision is the one you don’t think you need. It’s a common pitfall of writers to think that every word they write is pure gold. I admit I used to be that way. In Creative Writing classes I’d even work backwards from my story to fake a rough draft because I was certain that I didn’t need to edit. "Boy, was I wrong." The funny thing is, I was so convinced that the things I wrote wouldn’t – or couldn’t – be changed that I balked [...]

Why I Wrote “The Muslim Romance Trilogy”

I had not before kept a detailed diary. Looking back at previous journals, one would simply find a note here and there reflecting a doctor’s appointment, a luncheon date, an audition, a listing appointment, a reminder to call my mother. My realization that I was into something profoundly foreign, intriguing, and sexually awakening, I began documenting each and every phone call, text message, and encounter with my own personal Aladdin. I had truly never been in love before. Four happy marriages and four easily forgotten divorces, in my [...]

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