Google is the most prominent search engine today. Therefore, there are tons of business owners who want to stay at the top of its ranking. Your page rank is the place where your site displays in the Google results. When you are at number one, your web page will appear at the top of other websites. According to our research, you have to be at least included in the top ten to make your site useful in Google. It is because 95% of internet users never go to the next pages.

What Is An SEO Audit?

Google uses an SEO audit to organize the world's most useful and accessible information. They want to deliver the best relevant results as much as possible.

When people want to find something, they type specific words, and we call it keywords. However, Google ranking is not all about SEO audit. They also check several factors, such as content quality, website information, user interaction, and page purpose. Therefore, you have to make time for these factors, too.

If you are still a beginner, you might not be familiar with the SEO Audit. This process helps you to analyze the presence of a website and identify all possible issues that affect your organic search performance. Through this audit, you can gather your technical, user experience, and website structure issues. In simple words, it is more likely a “health check” for your website.

SEO Audit Process to Boost Your Google Rankings

Here’s a step-by-step guide to check your website’s health:

1. Begin your process with a crawl

You can use Ubersuggest to crawl around your website. It allows you to find problems such as low word count and duplicate content.

2. Manually search for your website.

This step will allow you to check if you only have one version on search engines. If you have multiple ones, Google will have a hard time boosting your rank.

3. Organize your internal and external links.

You can use Xenu Sleuth and Integrity to check if your content has broken links. You have to remember that these links can prevent you from boosting your rank.

4. Check your website's speed. 

Most websites that have low page ranking is due to their slow loading speed. We all know that customers hate waiting around. You can check your loading time through Ubersuggest. If you received a score less than “good,” you might need to minify your JavaScript and optimize your images.

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Radu Balas

Radu is the Founder of Publishing Addict and author of "Sell More Books Using Your Author Website | The Easiest Way To Brand, Build, Market, and Manage Your Authorship" Soon available on Amazon.