If you are interested in promoting your book and growing your community on a stable author platform you might also enjoy this LinkedIn article, where I have outline the foundation for your book selling platform.

One of the many struggles of an author starts only after the book is published. Writing can be a struggle in itself, but is your vocation, your passion.

But of course on the other hand there are many self-publishing success stories as well.

Self-promotion on the other hand…

Now that is a totally different matter.

I am here to give you the good news, though!

A book promotion roadmap.

There are plenty sites where you can promote your book and reach a wider audience. Most of these websites are offering you free promotion, especially if you also offer the books for free or with discounts. Some of them you will need to pay in order to benefit their services. Either way, it could be a good start for your new released book or any of your already published books.

For starters, you need to understand that if you want (new) readers, you need to get out there in the world, promote your book, talk about it and make it accessible to everyone.

I make it a easier for you. We compiled a list of sites where you can promote your book.

If you can recommend others, please do so in the comment section below.

Don't wait for success

#1 Kboards is aimed at Kindle published books. You can also find a lot of good advice and forums that allow you to discuss with other authors and also to promote your books.

#2 Wattpad is a community for readers and writers too. You can discover and also share your writings for free. There are over 40 million users!

#3 Goodreads is one of the most appreciated platforms by writers and readers too. You can join it for free, the forums are really helpful, the readers can easily find you, you can host giveaways, etc.

#4 Library Thing is a „home for your books” as it allows you to display your library and catalog your books. You can also connect with people that enjoy the same books you do.

#5 Author Marketing Club gives you the tools and resources to begin a successful book marketing campaign. The service can redirect you to other eBook promoters.

#6 Book Browse can list your book, but it has a thirty books limit each month. They usually feature about 80% of the books. These books are afterwards requested for a review.

#7 Book Buzz is a very popular service among authors for providing a chargeable service which helps you promote your books. It is a diy book promotion, targeting a specific audience with the help of Book Buzz.

#8 Scribd allows authors to publish their work which becomes available for over 80 million readers! It is the largest collection of ebooks, comic books, sheet music, research and scientific articles in the world.

#9 Addicted to eBooks is a good place for authors to promote their eBook. You must become a member in order to do so, but other than that the service is free of charge.

#10 GoodKindles can give you 24 hours of home page visibility for your book. You can submit your eBook, chose a publication day and the book will appear within 24 hours at the top of GoodKindles home page.

#11 Bublish is a useful book promotion service. It offers you a lot of tools and solutions when it comes to social marketing and publishing your books.

Keep Counting: Another 11 Free Sites where you can promote your eBook

#12 eReader Cafe
#13 eBook Stage
#14 Digital Book Today
#15 eBooks Habit
#16 eReader News Today
#17 eReader Perks
#18 eBook Soda
#19 Free Kindle Books & Tips
#20 Planet eBooks (US & UK)
#21 Meet Our Authors Forum
#22 eBook Lister

16 Facebook Groups and Pages where you can promote your book:

#23 GalleyCat Facebook Page
#24 UK Kindle Book Lovers
#25 Amazon Kindle
#26 Ebook Lovers
#27 Bargain eBook Hunter
#28 KindleObsessed
#29 Kindle Nation Daily
#30 Earth’s Book Nook
#31 iAuthor
#32 KUForum
#33 Indie Book Lounge
#34 Kindle Unlimited
#35 Totally free ebooks
#36 Free Kindle Books
#37 Book Junkies Freebies
#38 ELit for Lovers

And it goes on and on… Here are other book promotion ideas/sites for your books! Each of them has their own rules and conditions, so check them out and decide what is best for your books.

#39 ReadingDeals.com
#40 The Choosy Bookworm
#41 ENT (E-Reader News Today)
#42 People Reads
#43 The Fussy Librarian
#44 BookBub
#45 Thrifty Thursday on Indies Unlimited
#46 Just Kindle Books
#47 Free Booksy
#48 Booktastik
#49 BookRaid
#50 BookPebble
#51 Masquerade Crew
#52 Book of the Day

If you are interested in promoting your book and growing your community on a stable author platform you might also enjoy this LinkedIn article, where I have outline the foundation for your book selling platform.

Please let me know what do you think and also feel free to share other resources you have tried.

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Radu Balas

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