The Surprising reading habits of Millenials

Comedian Brad Upton joked about Millennials being the dumbest people he ever met. Why? They consume energy drinks, which they don’t need, use a debit card for a dollar and forty cents purchase, and don’t even memorize phone numbers. I beg to differ. I forgive him though, he’s a really funny man. Contradictory to this stereotype, Millennials are smarter because they read more - it’s just that how they read is different from what older generations did. In fact, new research shows that Millennials read more than their [...]

5 Signs You’re Not In Alignment With Your Writing Dream

A few months ago, I found myself standing on the edge of my writing career. Up to that point, things had gone OK, but I just didn’t have the success I was dreaming of. I thought about quitting. I questioned whether I even had what it took to make my dream happen. After all, I’d been at it since 2008, wouldn’t I have made it work by now? I took a cold, hard look at where I was at and at where I wanted to be. And what [...]

Why People Are The Key to Addictive Stories

People are adorable. Infuriating. Comforting. Reassuring. Companionable. Seductive. Inspiring. Appalling. Frightening. Unforgettable. If you're a novelist, people are the magic. Period. Think about a book you loved. No don't ponder for very long, just give me a first impression. I'll bet my own weight in Harry Potter or Lee Child novels that it was a character. Maybe two characters. Maybe a group of friends, a family. A pair of lovers. A man and his sworn enemy. A kestrel. Of course you'll also remember the story too, and the [...]

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