Aweber – Better or Not Than Mailchimp

CLICK HERE TO GET AWEBER FOR $1 This is a debate as old as time it self! Or it’s a few years old at least. There is no right or wrong answer here, but after working with both for many years, I can safely say aweber wins this debate. Here are my reasons: It’s a lot easier to use It has no free plans – that means less people will use it for spamming They offer great support Remember, nothing in life is for free, and if you really [...]

How to Use Gravatar & Your Author Box to Get Free Visitors

How to get more free visitors and branding using Gravatar and Your Author Box. This little trick will probably not make a best-seller overnight but since it’s so easy to do and it will add so much value to your brand, it’s definitely worth the effort. "Small streams make large rivers."

Author Website Critique

Me and my team started working on this product for over 8 months, and we are ready to officially launch it to the public. In order to make sure we have covered everything I have hired a professional to review the service. Criteria for hiring this person: NO connection with us "Publishing Addict". A successful published author. Someone with who can understand the product from a buyers perspective. So we managed to find someone brilliant - Her name is E. Lee Caleca author of Creekwood and Creekwood 2. [...]

Author Website Hosting – Where To Host?

If you are looking for a great solution for hosting your author website, please contact us. I have learned in the past few years to stay away from big companies when it comes to hosting, so much so that a few years ago I opened my own hosting company just to make sure my clients’ websites are secure and working as I wanted them and as they should.Now there are several reasons that these shared hosting accounts they are selling are absolutely useless, and [...]

Where To Find Free Pictures For Your Author Blog

Just because you site the source when copying pictures from Facebook or other popular pages (like Instagram and Tumblr), it is still a no-no. You may even be breaking the law! You must check the rights to each photo you post, even on Facebook or your personal website. It is possible that later, even years down the road, you WILL find yourself in legal trouble. It was a few years ago that I found myself in a similar situation. I received a letter in the mail from the attorneys [...]

What Can You Get For Free?

This has been a saying that has stuck with me for many years, though I no longer remember where it came from. “If you are not paying for something it means you are not the customer (obviously), you are the actual product and you are being sold”. This is important to remember when you use sites like Facebook for “free,” Google for “free,” Weebly for “free,” and many more. This applies to most things, especially online. “Download This Free Gift Today” “This report will make you a bestselling author, [...]