Tell the World Your Story

I began writing when I was a child. Although I practiced other forms of creative expression, I was most attracted to writing. Through words, I could paint pictures and make music. Through words, I could make people laugh and cry and think. The first story I wrote was called The Magic Pen. This story was about a pen, that when used, created stories without the use of any human input as if a sacred power came through the ink of the pen. I could have never known that [...]

Why Should You Offer an Audiobook Version?

Introduction If you’re the author of a book, you probably offer it in both a digital and a print edition. But if you don’t have an audiobook version as well, you may be leaving money on the table. Read on to see why. Why Offer an Audiobook? The truth is you don’t have to. Many authors live out successful careers without ever recording their own audiobooks. But there are still a number of advantages to consider: It is an additional revenue stream. Authors, especially self-published authors, need to [...]

The 13 Best First Sentences in Fiction

If you are interested in promoting your book and growing your community on a stable author platform you might also enjoy this LinkedIn article, where I have outline the foundation for your book selling platform. Stephen King's phenomenal writing career continues to show no signs of slowing down, with the prolific author selling over 350 million copies of his many books thus far. He thinks that the first sentence of a book is so important, that he spends weeks, months, even years on it! "The best first line I ever [...]

How Connect your email address to your Gmail account

You can use your Gmail address to send and receive emails with your personalized address, here is how: First log into your Gmail account, and on the top right hand side you will see a settings icon, click on that and then “Settings”   Then click on: Accounts and Import Add a POP 3 email Account you own Insert your full email address Click Next Of course you need to use your own website’s email account and your own pass. Then on the next page insert the information like [...]

How to create an email address on for your website

CREATE AN EMAIL ADDRESS How to create an email address in 3 minutes: Login to – replace your domain name with YOUR ACTUAL DOMAIN NAME J Use the details provided – user and pass Click on Email Accounts: Now fill in your desired email address like you see in the image below, and use the password generator to create a SECURE PASS.   Now press the password generator, tick the “I have copied the pass to a secure location” and then just press use. But MAKE SURE you have [...]


A fun way to create to secure your working space. Just put in your email below to download the files and print them. If you like our "Writer At Work" sign please share the page with friends. To support us making more free cool things like this, go to amazon and check out our latest book. Sell More Books Using Your Author Website: The Easiest Way to Brand, Build, Market, and Manage Your Authorship

Transfer your domain name to godaddy

I know I said Godaddy is not a great shared hosting provider for author website hosting, but for domain names I really like it and recommend it. So if you want to transfer your domain name to Godaddy here is how. I have bought hundreds of domains from different registrars and I still think Godaddy is the best and easiest to use (except for the many up-sells). Other domain registrars I recommend are:,, (they have a great escrow service). Feel free to comment below if you [...]

Editor Profile: Lee Caleca

The essential nature of storytelling and books revolves around the art of successfully delivering a cogent idea, but there are aspects that separate good books from incomplete concepts. I've authored, ghostwritten and edited several dozens of novels and non-fiction books in various genres and work tirelessly fact checking for content, language usage and historical accuracy where necessary. I will work to ensure that your project appears complete as a whole and without errors. As a former managing editor for Status Magazine Nashville, I’ve seen a lot of copy [...]

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