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    I have learned in the past few years to stay away from big companies when it comes to hosting, so much so that a few years ago I opened my own hosting company just to make sure my clients’ websites are secure and working as I wanted them and as they should.

    Now there are several reasons that these shared hosting accounts they are selling are absolutely useless, and can only hurt your business, but most of them are technical. But please know this:

    “Authors should not be using cheap $7 unlimited, or free accounts!”. That only works if you are not doing anything serious.

    But you’ll regret it if you get a big hit one day, like making best seller status, or you get picked up by some sort of popular blog or a have a really good FREE promo campaign.

    Then there is a good possibility your shared Godaddy or similar website will become really slow or unresponsive.

    And you risk that all your efforts are wasted.

    I asked my development team to explain why we are better than Godaddy or other similar hosting companies out there, so the topic from now on becomes a bit technical.

    1. Cpanel Interface
    2. CloudLinux Resource Allocations
    3. LiteSpeed Webserver
    4. Degree of Overselling
    5. Datacenters

    After some research, I found out I am not the only sharing this belief. There are hundreds of articles about the problems with these cheap shared hosting plans, here is one for Forbes.com – 5 Reasons To Leave Goda

    If you are not a technical person, you will always struggle and spend way too much energy fixing, patching or updating your website or blog when you can use that time to write.

    While GoDaddy also offers cPanel hosting, their basic webhosting packages do not include cPanel as a default feature. cPanel is one of the leading control panel in the hosting industry and comes with many intuitive functions/features that makes the hosting account easier to manage.

    On the contrary, the default panel offered by GoDaddy's basic webhosting packages is an in-house control panel developed by them and it lacks severely in many features compared to cPanel.

    To clarify, they do offer cPanel, but not with their basic webhosting packages, so there is added costs for it.

    CloudLinux is a software that hosting providers use to provide a stable hosting environment by allocating a pre-defined amount of resources to each cPanel account so that a single account can never take down the entire server. However we are aware that GoDaddy is rather stingy with their resource allocations per cPanel account.

    This unfortunately causes a user to easily get flagged by GoDaddy when their website grows and then they are forced to upgrade to a VPS or even a Dedicated Server which costs a lot more. Our resource allocations for each cPanel account is generally quite high as compared to most other hosting providers, this allows a client to easily host most websites without any issues. For your reference, our CloudLinux Resource Allocations are as follow:

    CPU: 1 core x 100%
    RAM: 1024MB
    IOPS: 2Mbps
    Concurrent Connections: 20

    If I recall correctly, GoDaddy uses Apache webserver which is a freeware. On the other hand, we use LiteSpeed webserver which is a paid software. Many tests have been done by developers and it is confirmed / proven that LiteSpeed outperforms Apache, so any websites being hosted on a LiteSpeed webserver will load faster than if on a Apache webserver, granted connection speed, etc are all the same.

    If you run a reverse IP on any of GoDaddy's servers, you can easily find thousands of websites hosted on the same server which implies overselling, especially to a large degree. On the other hand, we have a zero overselling policy so our servers always have more than sufficient resources to work with. Overselling basically potentially causes latency, etc because there are just not enough resources to go about for all websites.

    We use some of the best datacenters in the world to house our servers. Do a quick Google search and you can confirm this – LiquidWeb, QuadraNET, HostDime (DimeNOC) and SoftLayer. On the other hand, GoDaddy doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation for their datacenters performance.

    Their network is alright, but definitely not one of the best. Since datacenters and the network they provide directly contribute to the loading speed (in terms of network/bandwidth) of a website, we definitely ace over GoDaddy in this aspect as well.

    If you are looking for a great solution for hosting your author website, please contact us.

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      Radu Balas

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