You can use your Gmail address to send and receive emails with your personalized address, here is how:

First log into your Gmail account, and on the top right hand side you will see a settings icon, click on that and then “Settings



Then click on:

  • Accounts and Import
  • Add a POP 3 email Account you own
  • Insert your full email address
  • Click Next

Of course you need to use your own website’s email account and your own pass.

gmail account

Then on the next page insert the information like you see below and check the same things as in the image:

add an gmail

Then press Add Account. Now we need to set it up so you can also send emails.

your email account


Click next!

Set it as an alias and give it the desired name.

add another email


On the next page replace “smtp” with “mail and put in your details and click add account:

Now it will ask you for a verification code, if you check your inbox without closing this window you should have it there already, put that in the box below and you are DONE!


There is also a video on this:

Unfortunately we can help you set this one up, since we NEVER ask for details to your gmail account, if you just can’t set it up, or get it to work, we can still help, download and install.

There is a way where we can control your PC with a software called team viewer and do it though your own computer.

Do do this for you, on your computer, remotely, it costs $135, click here to buy this service. But please read the step-by-step instructions and watch the video, and only if that doesn’t work purchase the service from us.

Buy Service (Select For Quantity 3) – Total cost $135 (download and install teamviewer)

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