Tell the World Your Story

I began writing when I was a child. Although I practiced other forms of creative expression, I was most attracted to writing. Through words, I could paint pictures and make music. Through words, I could make people laugh and cry and think. The first story I wrote was called The Magic Pen. This story was about a pen, that when used, created stories without the use of any human input as if a sacred power came through the ink of the pen. I could have never known that [...]


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Writing a Nonfiction Book Isn’t Hard

I was writing fiction stories and books when my editor at Schiffer Publishing, Dinah Roseberry, posted on the forum for Mid-Atlantic Horror Professionals. She asked if anyone wanted to write about ‘real’ ghost stories, and not made up ones. I thought about what I knew about ghost stories and legends in the Richmond, Virginia area (where I live) and checked out their website to see what books they already had out (none of them were about Richmond ghosts). Next thing I did, I googled about book proposals. Wait [...]

How Do You Plan Your Book?

For authors or even aspiring authors, planning a book is far from easy. And every writer is unique, going on a different path just like our fingerprints are distinct. Some writers are pantsters, a phenomenon that involves “flying by the seat of your pants” and allowing the ideas for the book to come to you willy-nilly. The book is unplanned, but some authors are able to still accomplish a pretty impressive manuscript using this technique. Other authors are plotters; they plan out the book every step of the [...]

What To Do When It’s Hard to Keep On Track

When I started writing my book six years ago I had no idea if I would ever finish it. Me? Finishing a project? You have to be kidding me! I am a busy mom of two, and a fantastic wife and homemaker who also happens to be a professional rockstar on the weekends… I am one busy woman! But with much love and support by those closest to me, in the fall of 2014 I finished my first manuscript. Granted it wasn’t edited, but I finally finished it!!! [...]

DO NOT self edit

I am pretty lucky; working for a newspaper I have access to editors and proofreaders that normal writers may not. I try to make their lives easier by doing self-editing, but I do this with caution. It's kind of funny; I can edit other people’s stuff, but we get blind to our own writing. I love to ask the opinion of friends and readers or use Beta readers. But if you self edit, here are some important tips. Tips For Self-Editing: ☆ Wait six months or more. That [...]

Writing 250 words at a time

For most of us, writing can't always be our top priority in terms of time management. We have jobs, school, family, social obligations, grocery shopping, errands, and a ton of other stuff that has to be done, but that chips away at the time we'd rather spend writing. It's hard to find time to think about stories, let alone write them, in the swirl of daily life. One of the most frequent questions I've gotten since the publication of my novel, The Life and Death (but mostly the [...]

Self-Publishing – It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

It may not be easy but it is worth it. Before the advent of the e-book, self-publishing was for the author who wanted a few copies for friends and family members, vanity publishing. Then along comes the e-book and publishing was changed forever. Now, anyone with a computer and a manuscript can publish their book for FREE. Just push a button and your story is out there on Amazon or B&N or Kobo or any of the others. And, you can even publish a paperback version for free. [...]

Essay For Character Development

An iceberg is a stunning sight, rising high above the water, gleaming boldly in the sunlight. However, there is often much, much more ice below the surface of the water, supporting that which is easily seen. The iceberg above the surface, visible to those who search, could never exist to the naked eye without that hidden, deeper, often much larger part. The hidden, secret ice is an integral part of the entire iceberg, as important to the whole as the smaller part which is visible. So it is [...]

Self-Publishing – Reflections of a rookie

Nearly a year ago, around the middle of February, I sat out to write down a few memories. For years, my husband and I have joked about the things we've done, the experiences we've shared and the characters that have floated in and out of our lives. Many of whom became family, and others only a phone call away. We've worn many hats, lived in several states, owned biker bars, ran stock cars, driven eighteen wheelers OTR and surrounded ourselves with a plethora of unique individuals. Mostly bikers, [...]

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