The 13 Best First Sentences in Fiction

If you are interested in promoting your book and growing your community on a stable author platform you might also enjoy this LinkedIn article, where I have outline the foundation for your book selling platform. Stephen King's phenomenal writing career continues to show no signs of slowing down, with the prolific author selling over 350 million copies of his many books thus far. He thinks that the first sentence of a book is so important, that he spends weeks, months, even years on it! "The best first line I ever [...]

Editor Profile: Lee Caleca

The essential nature of storytelling and books revolves around the art of successfully delivering a cogent idea, but there are aspects that separate good books from incomplete concepts. I've authored, ghostwritten and edited several dozens of novels and non-fiction books in various genres and work tirelessly fact checking for content, language usage and historical accuracy where necessary. I will work to ensure that your project appears complete as a whole and without errors. As a former managing editor for Status Magazine Nashville, I’ve seen a lot of copy [...]

How to Self-Promote When You’re So Shy You’d Rather Chew Off Your Own Arm Than Talk to Strangers

You wrote your book!  You went through several rounds of editing, got it workshopped by fellow writers, polished your novel into its best possible shape, and self-published. Now you just have to get the word out. Let’s go on this adventure together. 1Get business cards. Vistaprint is great for that.   It automatically gives you legitimacy, and you don't really have to work at it.  Go to places you frequent.  Give your favorite waiter a card and a generous tip. Ask if you're allowed to, then leave a stack [...]

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Have you ever found yourself staring at the clock while painfully trying to type a single paragraph for a writing project? Or do you lay awake in bed watching the clock knowing that a writing project is due by 5pm the next day? Many writers are challenged by “analysis paralysis” and fret over every detail of their work until they are reduced to a page of few sentences and a mind over-loaded with thoughts and worries. In order to help my future authors overcome writer’s block, I have [...]

Writers: We need to BE Walter White!

I recently finished watching "Breaking Bad." (Don't worry, I'm not going to give anything away.) I, the writer, the creative one, wept during the final scene. My husband, not so creative, did not. I have a theory about that. For those of you not familiar with this TV show, Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who, on his 50th birthday is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. His wife is about to have their second child and their high school aged son has special needs, so money [...]

Follow your dream, become an independent author

I subsidy published my novel, "Tennessee Transplantation", in December 2012, that was written  years prior.  After writing the novel, I submitted it to two agents to obtain marketing assistance. Both  liked my writing and characters, however they wanted me to move the characters to an urban setting and add sex and violence to the story.  It wouldn't have even resembled my theme, if I had bowed to their change. The few family and friends that I allowed to read it , enjoyed it.  My sister commented she didn't [...]

Editing on a Budget – Book Editing

Many writers decide to go the self-publishing route. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s cheap, right? Well, not exactly. The biggest shock for many folks is that you can’t just slap any old thing up on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and make a killing. Nope. You need to put out something that’s great, not just readable. Not even just plain good. But great—a book that readers can’t put down and can’t stop recommending to their friends. Word of mouth sells books more effectively than anything else. There [...]

How Do You Plan Your Book?

For authors or even aspiring authors, planning a book is far from easy. And every writer is unique, going on a different path just like our fingerprints are distinct. Some writers are pantsters, a phenomenon that involves “flying by the seat of your pants” and allowing the ideas for the book to come to you willy-nilly. The book is unplanned, but some authors are able to still accomplish a pretty impressive manuscript using this technique. Other authors are plotters; they plan out the book every step of the [...]

What To Do When It’s Hard to Keep On Track

When I started writing my book six years ago I had no idea if I would ever finish it. Me? Finishing a project? You have to be kidding me! I am a busy mom of two, and a fantastic wife and homemaker who also happens to be a professional rockstar on the weekends… I am one busy woman! But with much love and support by those closest to me, in the fall of 2014 I finished my first manuscript. Granted it wasn’t edited, but I finally finished it!!! [...]

Writing 250 words at a time

For most of us, writing can't always be our top priority in terms of time management. We have jobs, school, family, social obligations, grocery shopping, errands, and a ton of other stuff that has to be done, but that chips away at the time we'd rather spend writing. It's hard to find time to think about stories, let alone write them, in the swirl of daily life. One of the most frequent questions I've gotten since the publication of my novel, The Life and Death (but mostly the [...]

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