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Project Description

PaperFilms is the collaboration efforts of Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Justin Gray, Paul Mounts,  Frank Tieri and Patrick Wedge.  With a recognized track record of talent in areas of Film, Advertising, Illustration, Comics and Graphic novels, Television, Video Games, Multimedia Presentation and Commercial design; the entire team has created and shaped numerous creative properties.

PaperFilms is a multi-talented team of skilled creators who have worked with numerous, industry leading clients in a variety of entertainment and media channels.

The team offers several services that can help turn your project from a vision to reality.  Past projects have ranged from Advertising Design, World Building, Editorial, Publication, Artwork, Screenwriting and several more roles.  With decades of experience from the team, PaperFilms can be a key piece of the puzzle for your project!

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