2015 Sexy Story Awards

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I gasped when he thrust into me, filling me, stretching me until nothing else mattered and all I was aware of was him. I’d waited a lifetime for this moment.
J. A Melville, Books
We went to the dance floor, and damn if her ‘fuck me’ heels didn’t seem to sparkle. I wanted to drop to the floor and run my tongue over each of her toes.
Elaine Barris, Books
“Are you ready? Because I'm going to imprison you in pleasure. Until you're crying. Until you're begging. Until your well kept secrets are on fire and dripping down your thighs.”
Lucian W Bane, Books
“Touch me,” she whispered, spreading her legs slightly, so fucking sexy. “Soft,” she gasped as I traced her throbbing clit through her drenched panties with the softest of touches ever.
Madhuri Blaylock, Books
He pushes me against the wall, lifting me up to where he can slide in easily. He moves fast and hard as the picture frames shake and begin galling. Just before he releases he whispered in my ear “I am your earthquake.” as we release together!
P.L.Jenkins, Books
“You are mine,” his words rich with life, washed across my lips. Fire ignited in my soul and quickly moved down to my core. Yes I was his.
Sassie Lewis, Books
Her lips trembled as he traced delicate lines across her body. Goosebumps chased his fingers as her breathing grew deep, desperate.
Phoenix Johnson, Books
He walked in the door and rushed to me. His touch instantly made my panties wet. He grabbed my face with both his hands and kissed me passionately and deeply.
Patti Doss, Books
The perfect shade of pink her lips grinned begging to be please…so with ease I darted my tongue in her honeycomb until she screamed and creammmmeeeeddd!
Nisha Lanae, Books

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