“Well hi there! So your probably reading this because you are a curious new author or an aspiring author. Your here because you want to widen your mind on tips for writing from other authors who have been down your path.”

My name is Juss Stinson and YES I am a proud author!

Many authors can offer advice to you and a lot of it may even be different than another author.

Don't ever feel trapped since there really are many ways to go about writing! Here are just a few general tips.

Writing a book and need some tips?

Outlines are wonderful!

I scribble down characters I want to introduce, events I want to happen, and little details I don't want to forget to incorporate in my work. I write all of it in order so I can just cross it out once I finally have it in my book! Keep your patience is the biggest advice I have for anyone.

Many will face the dreaded “writer's block” and it can be beyond frustrating.

Personally when I am in that horrible block I just open a blank page and type a bunch of nonsense, poems, or even short stories and all of these can detour my mind enough so I can get back on track.

Losing your temper can really slow your will to write down so make sure to stay calm and collective and just walk away for a little bit if you have to!

So you have written your book what's next? You need to edit the heck out it! Read it over and correct all that you see is wrong or places where you lose your flow while reading.

Once you are happy I highly recommend beta readers.

These people of your choosing will read through your book correct awkward sentences, check spelling and grammar, and write notes of what they truly think. Choose those you believe will be brutally honest and who pay close attention to detail.

Once your finished and you feel your piece of work is exactly where you want to be you venture into publishing. You can find a publishing company who would love to have you and sign with them or you can always self publish.

I personally am very happy being an indie author! I'm not saying I would never consider a publisher if it was on the table just that I chose the self publishing route when it came time to publishing my first book.

There are many benefits with having a publisher however since I am self published I will stick to what I know!

Being self published is something to be proud of but you do need to remember it is a lot of work as well! Publishing is never the end. Since you did it all yourself you need to keep a lot in check. Make sure to really find ways to advertise yourself or find places to showcase your work.

Mingling is a big part of the job; the power of word is after all a powerful thing!

Try to find groups, businesses, or events that you can I and socialize with readers and show off your book. Your readers are wonderful remember that! They let your book into their minds and that is a big deal so ALWAYS LOVE YOUR READERS!

I hope I really helped bring forward some nice tips. You can always ask a question or say hello at www.Facebook.com/AuthorJussStinson or email JussDandee@gmail.com and thanks for reading!

Love and books always, Author Juss Stinson.”

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Radu Balas

Radu is the Founder of Publishing Addict and author of "Sell More Books Using Your Author Website | The Easiest Way To Brand, Build, Market, and Manage Your Authorship" Soon available on Amazon.