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Your Writing Creates Emotion!

Your personal brand does the same thing. Just like a book cover, your website’s design helps to create the initial emotional connection with readers.

Your Author Website is your “home on the web” the place where everything comes together.

Whether readers discover you on Facebook, Amazon, or in JFK Airport's gift-shop, every time someone visits your website it's an opportunity for YOU to make an emotional connection, sell a book, add a subscriber, and gain a fan.

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We are confident that we can surprise you with the numerous benefits that come with having your own website, if not, keep scrolling and I am sure you will be surprised when you see the huge discount we have today!

Real Feedback From Our Customers & Live Examples

Clean, Fresh Author Website

Live Website
Thank you so very much! “You feel like a nanny with all hand holding.” I'm very happy with the service and you guys treat me very well.
Plus they are wonderful to work with and you hold my tech-tarded hand.

Dark, Sci-Fi Website

Live Website
Amazing! My new website totally outdid my expectations, completely blown away by how fast and responsive your team is.
Very happy to recommend, and anyone who wants can even email me for the recommendation! Awesome!
Matthew Mather, 500K Books Sold

Romance/Love Author Website

Live Website
The site looks great!

Love the interactive area!

Wish I could keep the cowboy and the SEAL up there forever. 🙂

You'll LOVE it? Check The Demo Site

Our Author Website is loaded with all the tools  an author needs to create a brand and sell more books. But that's not all, when you purchase our website for book authors you'll get  a fully managed system.

We take care of you website so you can focus on WRITING THE NEXT BEST SELLER.

Demo Website

More Great Reasons to Choose Publishing Addict To Help You With Your Author Website

We Thought of Everything So You Don't Have To

Easy To Use

If you know how to use emails, you already possess enough skills to use the website.

Get your new website today

We make it easy for any author to have their very own professional looking website as well as the ability to keep it updated with fresh content.

Wordpress Based

We choose WordPress simply because it's the best and easiest platform for authors.

Focus On Writing

Let us take care of your online brand so you can focus on WRITING. Get started today!

Unique To Your Needs

The site is created with authors and/or books in mind. All your needs will be taken care of.

Beautiful, And Just For you

We respect your vision, genre, and style and work to incorporate this seamlessly. We also include all the tools an author website may need.

Social Media

Social media is crucial for authors, which is why we incorporate social media buttons on your site.

To Facebook Or Not To Facebook

Doesn't matter if you chose Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, or Youtube, we have figured out the best way to bring the social world to you.

Secure Website

Because you don't want to wake up during a book launch to find out that your website has been hacked!

Secure Website, Secure Server

Cyber-attacks are more common than you think. Rest easy knowing that someone is there to protect your work.

Works On All Devices

Fully responsive so your content will always look perfect on any device so people can access your website from their phones.

Ipad, Iphone & PC

60% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Your website will look gorgeous on ANY/ALL devices.

Google Ready (SEO)

SEO is a fantastic starting point for any solid foundation in marketing online.


We’ll work our magic and optimize your website content so Google will love (and rank) it.

Links To Buy Your Books

Sometimes people just want to buy your books and we make it easy for them.


We take care of adding your buy links from Amazon UK, Goodreads, or any other place that people have the option of buying your book.

Web Optimized

Your website content will be ready for viewing online.

Build Something Beautiful

Tailor image sizes, correct file names and file sizes, change background transparency where needed, etc. We’ve got it all covered!

Plan & Purpose

We take meticulous care to plan out your website and make sure it’s ready to help you sell more books.

Months of research

We have worked with hundreds of authors over the course of many years to create the perfect plan for an author website.

Backup & Secure

We perform a manual monthly back-up, just to make sure you don’t lose any data!

Don't Lose Anything

Our servers offer 99% up-time guaranteed and secure storage, but to provide that extra safety measure, we perform backups to Dropbox.

Upload & Design Your Content

We can move your old website content and images to the new one!

Something Beautiful

A perfectly formatted article along with attention to details allow content to be easily and enjoyably read.

Analyze Visitors & Report

Easy to use tools, so you can stay updated on the activity of what happens (traffic, etc.) on your website.

Easy to understand Analytics

Check your stats straight from your website control panel, see how many clicks and visitors you’ve gotten, and see where they came from.

Videos & Images

A simple way to integrate all your media, videos, audio files and images.

Make Your Content Stand Out

Not only will you be able to integrate your media files, but they will automatically become responsive and will work seamlessly on any device.

Perfect Programing

We love to code and it shows. We’ll deliver a website that has all the right coding elements in place.

So You Don't Have To

We have a full team of programmers that have spent months making sure that your website will run smoothly for you 24/7.

Connect With Your Audience

Creating an emotional connection with your audience is the best way to drive more traffic to your site.

Perfect For All Sizes

When you build rapport with your readers, they’re more likely to become dedicated fans. Repeat traffic is always a good thing, right?

A Central Hub

Your website needs to be the central hub of your digital marketing strategy.

We Love To Tweet Too

Your content will first be showcased on your site and then expanded to include social media.

Showcase Your Books

There’s a page dedicated to each of your books so you can display each separately.

Book Page and Categories

Each page shows the description of the book as well as links for a customer to purchase it.

Leave the website design & management in our hands so you can get back to writing your next best seller. See options below!


  • One time payment of $745 $145 + $39/month

  • $39 /monthly
  • Professional Hosting
  • Managed and Backed-up
  • Up To 5000 Users/Month
  • Personalized Email Address
  • Content From Your Old Website
  • Custom Blog
  • 2 Hours Of Work Per Month


  • One time payment of $1645 $445 + $59/month

  • $59/monthly
  • Professional Hosting
  • Managed and Backed-up
  • Unlimited Users
  • Personalized Email Address
  • Content From Your Old Website
  • Custom Blog
  • 6 Hours Of Work Per Month
  • Advanced marketing and Design Services
    (contact us for more details)

Make sure you check out the live examples, of other websites we have built for authors, or visit our FAQ section if you want your questions answered quickly. If you want to reach then use the form below.

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    We love what we do and we do what we love.

    We have worked with hundreds of authors and today, after years and years of experience, we are proud to offer you a top quality product, tailored for authors like yourself.

    This is for book authors, writers, and books.

    Regardless of the genre, if you have a book about Public Speaking, or are writing the next Harry Potter, we will create something unique to fit your style.

    We Work Hard On Your New Website

    This might be the biggest thing for authors in a long time. Be a part of the future of the web with Publishing Addict!

    Our Goals!

    We aim to provide your readers with the best experience possible. Regardless of how technology changes, we will ALWAYS be there for you. Once you jump on board with us, we'll stay on top of things.

    Don't Disturb, Writer At Work

    We focus on your website, so you can focus on writing. We take care of updates, new releases, articles, security, SEO and much more.


    Go ahead, choose one of our amazing packages!

    If you are not 100% happy with your website once we have done all the work (and I mean really happy) we will part ways as friends and offer a full money back guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    So, leave the website creation and management in our hands so you can get back to writing your next best seller.

    It can be said without hesitation that I have rarely had the opportunity to work with such a patient and meticulous group of IT experts. While their industry reputation of successfully building over 2,000 websites for a variety of professionals is reason enough to partner with PublishingAddict.com, I must emphasize that their excellent customer service is what really makes this company a superior team player.
    Tom Ufert | 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidate, Download Tom's Letter Of Recommendation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NO Contracts. So, far we had exactly 0 customers leaving us… and we are pretty sure contracts can’t keep people in happy. Besides you will have full access to your own server and website, to do anything you want with it. We are working towards being the best service providers for book authors in the world, and the most affordable ones. If you find someone better than us, we only ask to let us know.

    Well to keep it short, I’ll give you access to my team for about 2 hours each month. You can get any sort of help you want from them, anything to do with your website, things like:

    1. Design
    2. Wed development
    3. Marketing
    4. Advice

    Plus a million other things.

    Depends, we can help you with your website, please contact us to discuss the details.

    We spend most of the time closed to new members because we want to ensure the best performance and service possible for our current members.

    So you will find that most of the time when you come to our website. Please keep in mind, that this is a done-for-you, type of thing so we can't really accept to many members unless and keep the same quality.

    From time to time we open the doors for a short period when we have new slots, or have added additional resources.

    We always talk about the importance of having your own domain name. So the answer is yes, we can help you, we can even find one for you if you wish.

    Ok, this is exaggerated a bit, but we get similar questions all the time. The short answer is yes, you need to move to our servers. We had to many problems working on clients websites and we can't really be responsible for them when they are hosted on cheap shared hosting accounts.

    “Authors or any business for that matter should not be using cheap $7 unlimited accounts!”

    Article about author website hosting.

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