If you are reading this it is safe to assume that you want to write your own book. However with the thought of writing your own book comes many questions such as; How do I publish? What do I write about?

Will anyone read it? Just to name a few. Well I would like to help answer some of these questions with my own answers of how I published my own book.

I started writing when I was depressed as an outlet to help cope. I wrote what I thought no one would ever read, but what made me feel better. I had no intentions of being an author, no intentions of publishing anywhere.

After a bit, I started showing my friends and family what I wrote and they all seemed to enjoy it. This made me start posting them on deviantart.com so others could read them. What I began writing were emotional, heart wrenching poems. I thought if I posted them publicly maybe I could help someone else who is in my own position in letting them they are not alone.

After a year or 2 that is when I got the idea to publish them as a book. I collected all my writing and made a manuscript on word. My mother is the one who actually gave me my publisher. She informed me about a publishing company which would take interest in my book at no cost.

This is when I submitted my book to Publish America.

After they decided to publish my book, they helped me with creating the covers for it and we went through a contract.

This is how my novel Pesticide and Poison was created as well as my love for writing. After this I started writing more, creating more. I have now started about 12 different Novels that I am in process of writing and publishing. I write about what I like, what I want.

I don’t write to make money (although it helps if you know what I mean), I write to share stories, to help others, to make a difference in the world. That is what this is about to me.

So in short to answer the questions I mentioned earlier. What do you write about? Well my friend, you write what feels natural, what flows, and what comes to you. The best thing to write about in my opinion is what you know.

Will anyone read it? Probably but that will depend on you. You need to make sure to be the one to send the message, get people to know your book exists. As I have been told by someone else “No one cares about your book but you”.

No one else profits from the publishing of your book.

I have no connections? Everyone always has connections. As long as you have 1 friend you have a connection. All it takes is 1 person to read it because if they enjoy it they will share it. Then that 1 person turns to 2, which turns 3, and continues from there.

How do I publish? With 2 options. You may find a publisher as I have who will publish your book for you or you can try and self-publish as I will be doing with my next novels. Self-Publishing will take more work on your part as it includes formatting your book yourself, creating/designing covers, marketing, and more on your own.

Lulu.com is the self-publisher I use and it is easy and great. If your low on cash but have great skills with being creative this in my opinion is the best way to go.

Most of all, if you want to be an author… My best advice to you is just do it. Go out, write, and research!

IT will get hard but if you ever feel like quitting just remember why you started!

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Radu Balas

Radu is the Founder of Publishing Addict and author of "Sell More Books Using Your Author Website | The Easiest Way To Brand, Build, Market, and Manage Your Authorship" Soon available on Amazon.