In 2002, I picked up my grandson from school. He was in second grade. I looked through his backpack for assignments and found a piece of paper it said, “I can't believe what I saw.” I asked Logan if he wanted to help me write a story with those words. He said, “I don't know how.”

So I told him I would help. I kept thinking about those words and where I was when I saw the paper we were leaving the grade school. The playground was in the back and when I looked up at the sky later in the week.

I said, “That's it.” Our story will be about clouds. Now the story had to be written for children 2nd grade-through adulthood.

Logan suggested the clouds be babies.

Okay what about the babies? Uh huh, they get kidnapped by a naughty cloud who I finally named Stormy.

I went through several names and just knew the right name had to be Stormy. It was as if God was telling me what the name had to be.

So Stormy takes the baby clouds to earth with him because he didn't want to go alone. One of the baby's had escaped so he ran to the older cloud to tell him what was happening with the baby clouds. Well, only an angel could come to earth but as a human to rescue the baby clouds.

I had to incorporate God into this story.

After all, the story was in his territory. So I came up with the Voice from the heavens. I could have just said God but I didn't want to offend anyone. I don't believe God would have wanted me to.

When Stormy has to face the Voice from the heavens, I had wrote out this paragraph and read it to Logan. Logan said, “How
about saying… So I changed it to what Logan had said.

It was perfect.

There were other changes that my two other grandchildren helped me with. So I had my story. It was about baby clouds being brought to earth. One of them escaped and told an older cloud what was going on.

The Voice from heavens see what's happening and asks, “Where are my baby clouds.”

The older cloud tells the Voice from heavens Stormy has taken the baby clouds to earth and only an angel disguised as a human could go get Stormy and the baby clouds.

In the meantime, Stormy and the baby clouds are on earth trying to figure out how they will get back home.

Now I needed an ending. This took me years to come up with the ending for our story. I wanted an ending that wouldn't be suspected. Something different and unusual. I had a dream one night and in the morning I suspense in my story.

by Ann VanLinden & Logan Martinez

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