Author Website Critique

Me and my team started working on this product for over 8 months, and we are ready to officially launch it to the public. In order to make sure we have covered everything I have hired a professional to review the service. Criteria for hiring this person: NO connection with us "Publishing Addict". A successful published author. Someone with who can understand the product from a buyers perspective. So we managed to find someone brilliant - Her name is E. Lee Caleca author of Creekwood and Creekwood 2. [...]

Author Website Hosting – Where To Host?

If you are looking for a great solution for hosting your author website, please contact us. I have learned in the past few years to stay away from big companies when it comes to hosting, so much so that a few years ago I opened my own hosting company just to make sure my clients’ websites are secure and working as I wanted them and as they should.Now there are several reasons that these shared hosting accounts they are selling are absolutely useless, and [...]

Where To Find Free Pictures For Your Author Blog

Just because you site the source when copying pictures from Facebook or other popular pages (like Instagram and Tumblr), it is still a no-no. You may even be breaking the law! You must check the rights to each photo you post, even on Facebook or your personal website. It is possible that later, even years down the road, you WILL find yourself in legal trouble. It was a few years ago that I found myself in a similar situation. I received a letter in the mail from the attorneys [...]

How To Sell Books With Social Media

“THIS ARTICLE IS PROMOTING 2 SERVICES WE OFFER” There have always been various ways to reach more readers and sell more books. One of the main things is to try to find a balance between time spent Tweeting about your new book and the time writing your new book. Make sure you don’t waste your time on Facebook or Twitter. As an author you have two big jobs: one is to create GREAT CONTENT and then to get that content in front of your audience. Breadcrumbs – creating [...]

Aweber Api Integration – Get Rid Of The Double Opt-in

Aweber is trying to keep up with us, so after introducing the “import list without sending a confirmation message”, now they allow us to gather subscribers using 3rd party api’s without having them double opt-in. Once you have done this you can do pretty much anything: use jvzoo api, lead pages, optin monster, even Facebook registration. But they need to change settings manually on their end for this to work. Single Opt-In Via Their API For Aweber There is no button you can push to remove this at the [...]

I will build your brand for around $20

If you want to market an already published book and give it some proper bust, or a future book you plan to launch soon with this full marketing kit you are on the right track.

What Authors Should Blog About – 15 Great Ideas

Your author blog is a very important and simple tool, yet so many authors neglect it. How can your author blog help you? A well optimized living blog can: Connect to your audience in a personal way Help you sell more books Build a better and stronger author brand ✘ NON-FICTION – write reviews of books in your niche or books that complement your niche. Post them on your blog and then post them on Amazon. “I love your tips on “public speaking”… I also love your approach [...]

My Story – (Sarah Shearer)

I was suffering with bad depression, too scared to leave the house alone; I felt my life was worthless, until one day a friend suggested I get a dog. I know, what has this got to do with writing a book? In my case everything. I adopted a husky/malamute cross from my local animal shelter. She was a year and a half old. Her name is Kia. As you can imagine a young pup like Kia would need plenty of exercise, so out we would go, she is [...]

Writing 250 words at a time

For most of us, writing can't always be our top priority in terms of time management. We have jobs, school, family, social obligations, grocery shopping, errands, and a ton of other stuff that has to be done, but that chips away at the time we'd rather spend writing. It's hard to find time to think about stories, let alone write them, in the swirl of daily life. One of the most frequent questions I've gotten since the publication of my novel, The Life and Death (but mostly the [...]

Essay For Character Development

An iceberg is a stunning sight, rising high above the water, gleaming boldly in the sunlight. However, there is often much, much more ice below the surface of the water, supporting that which is easily seen. The iceberg above the surface, visible to those who search, could never exist to the naked eye without that hidden, deeper, often much larger part. The hidden, secret ice is an integral part of the entire iceberg, as important to the whole as the smaller part which is visible. So it is [...]

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